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Interactive Education Network student consultancy is one of the well-known education consulting companies that help assist students for overseas education.

At Interactive Education Network, headquartered in Pakistan, our focus lies in supporting students seeking education abroad. We excel in aiding students with comprehensive guidance for overseas education, offering expertise in navigating various aspects, including application processes for temporary and permanent residency.

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1. Consultancy for Educational Institutions:

We partner with schools, colleges, and universities, offering tailored consultancy services for better learning outcomes.

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2. Professional Development Workshops:

These sessions are designed to equip them with the latest tools, techniques, and to create immersive and impactful learning environments.

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3. Interactive Content Development:

We ensure that learning materials captivate learners' attention while facilitating deeper understanding and retention.

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we gather all related documents as per university requirements for getting admissions.

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provides comprehensive visa preparation help to make sure that students are well-prepared

Providing services for visas and
immigration from qualified lawyers.

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Student Visa

Navigating the intricacies of obtaining a student visa is crucial for pursuing education abroad, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations and enabling a seamless academic journey.

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Work Visa

Securing a work visa can expand horizons during an overseas study, offering opportunities for practical experience and potential career pathways in a new cultural setting.

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Migrate Visa

The Migrate Visa for abroad study opens doors for individuals seeking a long-term transition, offering pathways for permanent residency or citizenship upon completion of studies.

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Family/Dependent Visa

The Family/Dependent Visa for abroad study facilitates the ensuring a supportive environment

Steps to Get your Destination

  • Exploration and Assessment
  • Tailored Guidance and Application Support
  • Visa and Immigration Assistance
  • Financial Planning and Scholarships
  • Pre-Departure Support and Orientation
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Interactive Education

Based on reviews

Khalid Mohd
I would like to thanks the team of IEN consultantancy.Due to their hard work and dedication I got my visa approved with in 3 days .so I suggest everyone who are looking for abroad.
Mukul Kumar
I, Mukul Kumar, successfully obtained my visit visa, all thanks to Shahed Sir and the dedicated IEN team. Their hard work played a
I had an incredible experience at IEN Consultancy Services, during my UK processing. My counselor, Mr. Altamash, provided great support and expert guidance
Abdul Haseeb
One of the best and experienced consultants
Aslam Ali
I am very grateful for the valuable assistance provided by azza consultancy services, throughout the complete process from securing my
I, Furqan Ahmed Siddiqui, extend my sincere gratitude to Azza Consultancy Services for their exceptional support in securing my